January 17, 2009

Get me the lavender candles and scent diffusers!

Okay...so, after our little shooting incident and me moving back to the Great White East, I've been a little...off my blogging game. Unfocused. So, frankly I need to take my own advice and chill the fuck out. Back up on the mass hysteria posts *languish*

Since my room mate left, I totally forgot that I'd be without curtains. The blinds are pretty thick and there's not much sun anyway, so I'm pondering whether I should really bother...or perhaps have my shower curtains from home sent. They'd match my bed after all *shrug* I wish I'd thought of that before leaving...

I say shower curtains because it'd be hard to put up some normal curtains, I think. I could just get a tension head rod I guess...

I'll tell you what I definitely do want: more of THESE!

Scent diffusers! I have a lavender one in my room right now and this place is LIT UP. BWAHAAHAHA. You can't escape the smell of relaxation when you open the door! IT WHACKS YOU IN THE FACE.

Ugh. It is 10 freaking degrees out and I'm beginning to run out of food...and my ass is NOT walking to Kroger or Rite Aid to get some chips. In fact I am not planning on going ANYWHERE today unless the damn Cloverfield monster is attacking the building. Boooo winter, boooo!


  1. lavender gets me sleepy, light some patchouli and rose oil and im coming over. we can sit in bliss and pretend to be high from the essential oils.

  2. I do love me some blissing out on essential oils!

    Hmm. If I can find some patchouli at the local organic store down the street, I will officially have the most chill room within a 10 mile radius.


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