January 5, 2009

Monopoly + money - winning = castration

What a fit equation.

While I'm sufficiently annoyed enough I suppose, I'll talk about the last of my New Year's adventures (better late than never). I call this story...

Monopoly: Deadly Alliance

WARNING: Some images NSFW/NSFA (not safe for anything/anyone). Maybe.

Anyway, so we played Monopoly New Year's eve, in between me fawning over Anderson Cooper and getting other people to fawn over Anderson Cooper.

*dreamily* Andersooon~

...Anyway, this tale also naturally involves our dear, misogynistic, homophobic, and occasionally ignorant friend W.

So we play Monopoly. I'd tried to form an alliance with my mother before hand, but she broke our pact and was quickly put on my take-down list. W, on the other hand, fared better and together we gained control of the the left half of the board, that being the side with the red & yellow squares for us.

It came time that I wanted to own all three yellow squares and I was only two a way. In an upset, W broke our deadly alliance and snatched my monopoly away. Livid, I vowed revenge and as I owned Broadway & Park Place anyway it didn't take very long to quickly remove him from the game.

I not only had all his money but his property was gone as well. I don't take Monopoly lightly and betrayal even less so. But to be fair, I pretty much crushed my mother too.

I did notice that for the duration of his time sitting there in shame and defeat, he kept laughing and claiming I had castrated him. I just put it off to a random ass remark, he does it all the time and he'd been drinking, but I couldn't help wondering about the equation of money to dick removal.

Oh well. I guess the answer, or at least one answer, is deceptively simple, being that money = power. And power belong to who? ...White males. So... *piece of paper and pencil* No money = no power, and if we substitute X for Y, no money is as good as having no penis, which we know = no power. Sin poder, powerless!

The other reason this stayed in my mind is because W had a nasty divorce with his wife in which she pretty much took all his money (and continues to) therefore I guess she effectively castrated him as well. The other thing is, W is worse with finances than I am and money doesn't get a chance to burn anything in his pockets, making him broke, so is he castrating himself perhaps?

No, it doesn't seem that when a man takes another man's money (not in the robbery sense mind you) it's not "castration" but when a woman does, it is. The woman is stealing the man's power, somehow. She is castrating him, cutting him down, leaving him powerless. It doesn't seem to matter the amount of money either.

I think it's an interesting issue, how money seems to be connected to that special part of the male anatomy, therefore castration. Therefore powerless. It's also sort of sad in a way. When I give money over to my fellow women I don't see it as a bad thing (unless it's actually a bad thing). In that sense I also don't see handing money to anyone as a bad thing...unless it's a bad thing. As stingy as I am, I'm rather generous with money when I have it.

But there, I hope W is happy somewhere. He made me think and dedicate yet another entry to him and his odd ways.

And that was how I spent most of my New Year's. No wonder I've started the year off annoyed and bothered. All I need is to go back to school--oh wait. The fucking joy.

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