December 4, 2008

Wars & Little Girls pt. 2 aka iWritesometimes

Well, in this previous post I talked about this weird ass i-deer I had involving Cold War history and little girls. Actually, you know, the early phases of the Cold War is probably one of my favorite periods of US history. I don't think I mentioned that but it is. I also realize that Sir Winston didn't have much if anything to do with the whole Cuban Missile Crisis/Bay o' Pigs fiasco but damnit I couldn't help myself.

Anyway, I also threatened excerpts to illustrate what I was talking about, so once again you can file this in the expansive "What the fuck is Xands going on about?" category.

In other news, holy shit I actually finished something not school related. I am elated!

Wisteria & Joanna discuss the Cuban exiles:

Wisteria jabbed a thumb behind her in the general direction of three girls. One, the tallest girl, had jet black hair slicked into a whip-like pony tail that trailed halfway down her back. The second, a few inches below the tallest girl, was dressed in something that resembled an elaborate bridesmaid dress, cream colored with frilly lace about the sleeves. She looked horribly uncomfortable in the noonday sun and had trouble keeping up with her comrades. The third girl, the shortest of the trio, wore a simple black polo shirt with white shorts and tennis shoes. Her hair was cut in an unfeminine bowl shape and her general appearance was most un-girlish.

Joanna looked at the girls then back at Wisteria. “They’re…”

“Exiles, yes. They used to hang around Fidelita but they just stopped...” Wisteria sucked on her candy thoughtfully a moment, recalling information. “My sources said that they stopped liking her one day, when she started talking about wars between the classes and how she wanted to build the playground from the bottom up. She has a new vision, they said, and she wanted to keep all their money and property so they fled to this side. But they claim they can drum up support for a takedown of Fidelita and her little gang, a lot of them are unhappy too.” Wisteria looked over longingly at the far right side of the playground. “Yeah right…she’s giving out free popsicles…”

Joanna rolled her eyes and gave a last weary look to the three exiles. She shrugged and kicked at Wisteria’s shoes. “Wisty!”

Fidelita runs her business:

“I train my soldiers to be resilient…” Fidelita muttered. She licked the popsicle in her hand, letting the tip of it rest against her tongue, before looking at it with disdain and dropping it on the floor. “We gave you everything you could ever want, and now you will pay.”

The two girls began spinning the wheel faster and faster, running around gleefully and laughing. When they could go no faster they dropped the wheel, the metal thudding against the ground and sending the girl upwards. She landed painfully on the rusty imprints and cried out. The wheel was slowing but not stopping and the plastic ties that bound her to the rods were digging into her wrists. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the wheel began slowing, then it finally came to a stop when Fidelita slammed her Mary Jane clad foot on the edge.

“Get her up.”

She also doesn't travel without her girls:

“I’d have preferred this meeting alone?”

“I know you would have,” Fidelita said, offering a smirk of her own. “I go nowhere without these two though. Josefa, Ernesta, show Nika how we do business.”

Josefa punched her fist and cracked her knuckles while Ernesta merely cocked her hip and rested a hand on it. Nika didn’t like these girls and their over confidence, but in a way she admired them for standing up to her. Most of the playground cowered in her presence with the exception of these girls and the two powers on the west. With a single shoulder shrug, Nika turned around and led the three girls up the hill.

Fidelita, Josefa & Ernesta discuss a potential US invasion:

“Ernesta,” Fidelita called wearily.

“I trust her about as much as you do, but she’s right,” Ernesta said bluntly. “With her little projects we’ll soon be in control of the playground.”
“It’s not about control, it’s about ideals,” Josefa grumbled. “What’s the point of being in control when your vision is so strongly compromised? And what about this so called US invasion?”

“That, I do not doubt her on,” Fidelita muttered. “You don’t send spies to enemy lines for no reason.”

“They don’t have the man power, or the Tinker Toys,” Ernesta said with an eye roll. “To stop a US invasion all you must do is say ‘No’ to them.”

“In any case, let us get the troops and our pens ready. We have waited for the Motherland to come to us, and now the Great White Hope will soon be at our doorstep. And we will let them in and their only reward will be tea and Nyquil.”

That whole "uprising"? Didn't work:

As Joanna, Lindy, and Wisteria exited the restroom they heard a shriek. Lindy and Wisteria ran towards the sound, with Joanna lagging behind as she was carrying Roberta on her back and what they saw horrified them.

The three exiles were tied to Fidelita’s dreaded Merry-Go-Round and the thing was spinning fast. Fidelita’s cackles could be heard all down the playground as could the screams of the girls. Joanna paled at the spectacle and covered Roberta’s eyes.

“Wow, can’t be gone five minutes ‘fore disaster strikes,” Lindy said.

Ernesta gets the last word:

Nika’s head snapped up at the biting accusation. Her jaw clenched and she prepared to stand, but ended up only griping the table in indignant fury. Ernesta looked down on her a few moments more before suddenly swinging around and swiftly making her way back up the hill. Near the crest she stopped and spoke without turning around.

“As your last remaining willing ally in this, let us know when you decide,” she said, then vanished up the hill.

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