December 2, 2008

Wars and little girls

So, finals are coming up this week, ergo Xands is obviously going to need something to do so she doesn't have to study and pass her classes.


Anyway, I was quite inspired by a lecture my history Prof R gave today (which I seriously have to talk about in another post) to write what would almost be considered fanfiction. Long story that one.

So I decided to delve into something called moe anthropomorphism or basically giving life & characteristics to a non-living object or concept. Countries, weaponry, operating systems. Anything can be cute by throwing on a dress & big eyes! Like everything from Japan right? Except so less creepy.

So we're talking about the Cold War and for some reason Prof R mentions the sexual tensions between the USSR and America. I, still taking notes, go *blink blink* and this idea forms in my head.

It goes like this. I combine the events of the Bay of Pigs Invasion & the Cuban Missile Crisis and put them on the playground (aka the World). Then I took the major players (and Winston Churchill) and made them adorable little girls. The Cold War will be Kinder-ized.

The way I'm handling it, it's more of a humorous concept but I've seen similar ideas handled in a semi-serious manner. It's an interesting concept to play with, reducing world powers to children...suddenly everything makes sense no?

I'm actually nearly done writing it since it's a little one off, I'll try to post excerpts from it without freaking out you gentle readers out there sense there are some situations in it that have me counting up my Bail Reserve money. But now, a little character list.

Good Guys:

Joanna Kennedy: Representing John F Kennedy/USA
Joanna's a happy go lucky little girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders--literally. Beneath her happy facade she hides a more insecure, indecisive side of herself. Between trying to decide whether to invade Fidelita's side of the playground and what to do about Nika, Joanna is a very stressed little girl that relies on the advice of her little sister Roberta, Wisteria, and Lindy Johnson. She also consults with Izzy Eisenhower but the two of them are pretty estranged.

Roberta Kennedy: Representing Robert Kennedy/USA
Roberta is about 3 years old but very wise. She presides over her sister's relations with Fidelita to free up her sister's hands to deal with Nika. Unfortunately, because she's not quite up to making full sentences yet, her words are sometimes misinterpreted...

Lindy Johnson: Representing Lyndon B Johnson
Lindy also advises Joanna but in contrast to the subtle Wisteria Lindy is loud, opinionated and sometimes forceful. She deeply resents Fidelita and wants Joanna to steer way clear of her.

Wisteria Churchill: Representing Great Britain/Winston Churchill
Wisteria is a somber, wise cracking little girl full of sage advice. She tries to advise Joanna more subtly and encourages her to make the right decisions. She's way more leery about Nika than she'll ever be about Fidelita and frankly doesn't see her as much of a threat.

Izzy Eisenhower: Representing Dwight Eisenhower
Izzy's no longer controller of the Western portion of the playground and she's fine with that--she just wishes Joanna would run things her way. She doesn't converse much with her successor except on the issue of Fidelita; Izzy has mixed feeling about trying to over throw Fidelita. She also doesn't like Wisteria at all.

Bad Guys:

Nika Khrushchev: Representing Nikita Khrushchev/USSR

Queen of the Biggest Monkey Bars on the playground and ever expanding, if everyone doesn't outright fear Nika they are at least wary of her. Nika has a plan for the whole playground if everyone would just play along, especially the Western half. Nika frequently tries to compromise with her nemesis Fidelita but the two just can't seem to see eye to eye on anything. Most of all, Nika wants Fidelita's portion of the playground to build more of her giant monkey bars. But what exactly are they for?

Fidela "Fidelita" Castro: Representing Fidel Castro/Cuba
Fidelita is a head strong little girl and probably the most vicious on the playground. She doesn't tolerate traitors and prefers fight to diplomacy most of the time. She knows what Nika is up to but Fidelita has plans of her own and isn't about to let Nika mess them up.

Ernesta Guevara & Josefa Fernandez: Fidelita's crew, her diplomatic end and her force end respectively. Fidelita trusts these girls with her life--although lately she's been trusting Ernesta less and less. Ernesta seems more interested in being peaceful with Nika but Fidelita would rather not.

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  1. this reminds me of some interesting website i once came across about people who believed their spirits were faeries, and aliens, etc. I forgot what they called themselves but it was eye opening.


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