December 2, 2008

I AM the Conservative Right damnit!

I got this email a couple of days ago to join Net Right Nation.

I checked out the site and seeing a post there from Michelle Malkin let me know I was definitely not in the right place. That and I just am not a political blogger, like barely at all. And when I do blog about politics it's usually left leaning. That and I'm actually pretty damn liberal I think. I'm assuming it was just a blind email but how the hell did I get it? Eeesh.

They even have a conservative Twitter! Why?

Anyone else get an email like that? I've also gotten my second email asking to create a lesbian profile...from a legit site actually ~_~ this is what I get for being on the internet isn't it..

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  1. "Nut Right Nation"?? I'm sorry, that was inappropriate of me. You seem pretty liberal to me, but I heard you TN folks are pretty gung-ho conservative down there outside of Nashville and Memphis. I got some crazy mail about wanting me to blog for some sight. I stopped by the site and it turned out they were trying take my money -- or what's left of it.


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