December 16, 2008

In which I excitedly describe my period and mermaids

Hai gaaaiz~ I have wireless internets on me laptop again! Yaaay! I can do stuff from the couch now!

Which is great because my period has begun and I...really don't feel like getting up ever again. WOW, what the hell is going on this month, I've had an insatiable craving for cake & milk, the soles of my feet hurt, my hips, thighs, STOMACH *crawls under comforter* and I've only got one

Oh well, no moodswings at least. I don't think *blink* I have decided, however, what I really want to do is write about ravenous mermaids. Actually, in this case it'd be mermen, because how often do you see stories about merguys? I mean, they're there in the mythology but it's like they're a rarity or something and mermaids just abound. I mean, I could go into why til I's blue in the face but I might save that whimsy for another post...*scratches head*

Hmm...actually this is probably the third or so time I've tried a mermaid tale. I've always been interested in mermaid lore...I wonder if that's one of the truly "girlie things" out there.

Oh well, let's have a random excerpt so you can see my madness. I've got cabin feeevah!

Our young protagonist, Kendal, is on an early morning fishing trip with his father when...

“Fish!” he exclaimed with a lisp tailing the end because of his missing front teeth. His father did not look happy, however; his eyes glanced at the bubbling lake, slowly looking from left to right, his mouth grim.

“The waters are troublesome this morn,” he said simply. “Them ain’t fish boy, get back in this boat!”

Kendal frowned a moment then sat back in the boat, looking at his father’s back again. He suddenly didn’t feel much like looking at the sun again, instead deciding to pick at the holes in his shirt. The bubbling stopped after about five minutes and the lake went quiet. Kendal watched his father tense and his rod go still. Even the birds, chirping to greet the early morning sun had stopped now. Kendal propped himself up on his elbows and peered out across the water. He glanced back at his father again, who was now reeling in his rod and packing in the equipment. Their time together was over for this morning it seemed, and no fish this time. Kendal leaned over and peered down into the misty water. His reflection blinked back at him, his brown eyes looking grey in the water. He blinked again and wiped a bit of moisture from his head but his reflection didn’t follow this time. His eyes widened and he scratched his head but again the face in the water stayed still.

Nervousness gripped at his heart and Kendal began sitting back in the boat, ready to grab at his father’s vest and tell him something was horribly wrong with the water. The bubbling had started again but now it was closer. The boat tilted slightly as a pair of webbed, alabaster fingers with dark stripes crept over the edge of the boat. Kendal’s voice caught in his throat as the thing pulled itself over with a thump. Water pooled where the thing—a young boy in appearance although Kendal knew there was nothing human about it—pulled himself into the boat, his skin almost translucent with dark red stripes on his skin. His hair was a silvery white and his eyes baby blue with no pupils. He was smiling with thin lips and tiny, sharp teeth, one hand groping for his shirt and the other balancing his weight on the boat. Kendal was pressed against his father’s back now trembling hard as the thing came closer to him.

“Dad…daddy…” he whispered.


...Oh snap! I really hate the fact that because I write in "web format" on Word, I'll write what appear to be short paragraphs that turn out to take up a whole page ~_~ I'm silly.

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