December 16, 2008

Class of '99

I'm going to try this embedding thing...there's two videos I want to share today, all the h4rdc0r3 blogging I wanted to do today was interrupted by daddy ~_~ he's here...and he's alive.

What you're about to watch is an episode of the show Night Gallery called the Class of '99. Like the Twilight Zone (also a Rod Serling joint, keep up), there's usually a good lesson to be learned from the Night Gallery: don't fuck around with mummies, don't fuck with haunted houses, don't try to kill your uncle and get his money then shaft his faithful butler, don't try to kill your mistress's husband with ear wigs... just about everything I've learned to do in life I've probably learned from one of these two shows, and Rifleman. And the Outer Limits.

In this episode, we look at the graduating class of 99 and their final exam as given by Vincent Price. Vincent. Price.

Anyway, there's not really a specific reason I wanted to show this other than I saw it last night, I like it damn you, and I think it's interesting: it's a sort of Orwellian look into a future where, apparently, the race of man has died or is dying out so obviously we must perpetuate ourselves, ergo we have created androids. We create them in our image and give them our morals. Of course, because most science fiction writers are the most cynical folk you'll ever meet (modern ones anyway), our "morals" usually include things like death, destruction, inferiority complexes...

This is actually a pretty common theme in sci-fi and it's one that Rod liked to play with an awful lot in TZ and in this episode of the Night Gallery. Watch the episode, especially that creepy monologue at the end.

Part 1

And here's the rest.

Actually, part two of that vid includes a little short as don't have to watch it but it's funny :P

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