December 22, 2008

Fiction is never fair

Okay, I've tried to write this entry like 3 times.

The first time, I was on AIM chatting and just...forgot.

The second time, I got up and got cookies.

...I think the third time I got more cookies. Or was that the peach & mango salsa. I don't...remember.

Anyway, all I wanted to say is that fiction isn't fair. Not fiction writing but fiction itself. It's never fair! I prefer it that way!

You may be thinking, "...What?" Let me explain, barely:

Well, I posted an excerpt from something random I was working on. I'll have to do another one today I think. Well occasionally I'll have my dear old Mama read my works of madness--er, I mean fiction just for kicks...I don't this as much because of her delicate nature (and her reluctance to read, boo!) but I only have four pages up so I said, "Pweeeease? *bats eyelashes*"

So she reads it and during the middle of the reading she starts pouting and going "Awww! That's not fair!" I laugh and tell her no one dies because I know what part she's at.

See, ever since I read Jude the Obscure many moons ago, for some reason I've been obsessed with having every possible horrible thing short of death happen to my main characters. It's funny to me. I just do it. It's not that I hate happy endings or happiness in general (well, that's debatable) I just find the whole trials and tribulations thing interesting. Now it does get repetitive when your character is just getting shit and more shit for what probably isn't even a fair trade (I do love that too) and eventually your reader might drive to your house and throw your own book at your head (do short stories and don't collect them). And it gets boring to write knowing your character is going to go through some ridiculous Beowulf-epic-struggles all the time, so I've toned it down. I still take my sadistic joy though.

And...I made it through this post, switching tabs like 10 times and my screen short circuited itself. Now the text on the sides is tiny and everything in the middle is...normal. Like someone ran a damn magnet over my screen. I hate you technology!

Oh yeah, I encourage everyone to check out the new blogs I added to my roll: JC Duffy & Dan Piraro! JC Duffy is best known as the creator of the Fusco Brothers, a comic me and about 10 other people read/pay attention to/laugh at and Dan Piraro is the creator of the Bizarro strips. You'll love them, they're hilarious. Man I love Blogger.

Oh yeah, I watched a Japanese movie called Attack Girls' Swim Team vs the Undead. You have got to hear about this. I still hate my bro for sending me to this horrifying madness (not in the good way either).

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