October 31, 2008

Senshi and commercials and drama n things

7 more posts until 200! I am obviously just filling space with fluff so I can celebrate faster (I still don't know what I'll do).

This Axe commercial advertising their...dark chocolate body wash is really creepy and unnecessary. These women are fawning over a man made of chocolate and eating him. And no one is bothered by this! Not like Axe commercials are tame or anything but I mean really.

Goosebumps marathon!

There's some drama over at my LJ and I'm officially just taking suggestions on what the hell I'm supposed to write without getting people all up in arms. I thought I was just overreacting considering it's my damn journaland I was really only mad at a few people, but in the end I just said I didn't need any more drama than what I was getting. Why is the internet so dramatastic? Livejournal is so dramariffic. I said to myself after my first year that I would avoid all that ridiculous bullshit but as the song goes, "some fools just love to perform". I don't perform, gentlemen!

I went back to my senshi ideas a while ago and started sketching. I'm doing everything to avoid this damn english paper (it's a DRAFT). I finally figured out what to do with Liberal Ally. Starting off with an outfit much like Black Radical's (with an open midriff though), Liberal Ally is just that: all liberal and shit. She carries around a pack of scrolls with "excuse" labeled on them and instead of educating opponents, she just drowns their excuses out.

Later on she morphs into Sailor Radical Left; her garb even more open now with a tube top, mini skirt and bands with her talismans attached. She's more confident in herself now but after a degrading talk with Sailor BF she becomes self conscious and morphs into The Conservative. Now wearing a straight black body suit with boots & her hair up, she solemnly strikes down her foes, this time her talismans say "shame". Eventually however, she and Sailor Womanist resolve their differences and The Conservative is now Sailor Progressive. Cute! All this takes about 5 minutes to think up.

Gosh I'm hungry. Easy Mac and chili? Why not.

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