October 15, 2008

Do what it do...


I only have 15 days left to submit my Mockingbird entry. And the way my schedule has been lately I may not make it *sigh* Oh well...we'll have to see.

I'm a little pissed about my roommate crisis. Dude, it's October and my second roommate may be dropping out. Meaning I may get another. I feel like it's been 3 years already. I'm getting really annoyed with people LEAVING me. It makes me feel...horrible!

On the same hand, I really haven't...liked my two roommates so far. I mean, I don't like anyone but could I have been put up with 2 more polar opposites? I'm tired and I've just been listening to Bob Dylan over and over and over...it really is driving me insane.

Interestingly, this is good fodder for my story. Hmm...keep the depression cycle up yes? [/sarcasm] Why does this feel like a trumped-up, ridiculous-er version of high school...

Just let me sleep goddamnit.

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