August 19, 2008

Wee fixer uppers

Well it was time for new layout colors again :P since I've started doing more of my business from my laptop, my blue layout just started looking damn weird. In retrospect, really light blue isn't really good for computer screens because even on my PC it looked basically white. And I knew that but I liked it anyway, but I fell less in love with it every time I put my damn glasses on.

So I fixed it up again and didn't really mess with this layout much. I wish I could find one of those pre-made layouts that I actually liked. Something about a pre-made layout and the fact that it isn't mine just bugs the hell out of me.

These colors are a little drab but they show up and they're readable without being horribly distracting *shrug* so until I think of something better they're here to stay.

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