August 3, 2008

Mucha en escribiendi (warning: baaad, bad Spanish)

Oh my Spanish is so rusty! That's supposed to be "More on Writing". Haha, I am taking Spanish again'd think after 2 years I'd have learned something eh? But as my dad says, it takes 4 years to tie your shoes soooo~

Uh, anyway, I figure my future posts (at least for a week) should focus more on my writing. Or just writing in general. I did a few afro-centric and...other posts because those are just part of who I am, but I feel like I neglect the author sometimes. Like...a lot. Like when I don't finish anything.

I took the leap and am officially, for now, majoring in English at East Tennessee State University. Yeah! I've wanted to do this my whole life, and I'm shooting for creative writing emphasis (we have concentrations too, but after my gen ed year I'll have to see about that...) and a possible women's studies minor? We'll see again...they talk about the possibility of changing your major in college, but I'm a stubborn bastard so I'm in it to win it as they say :P

Hmm, I'd like to start posting stories in here again. I get so horribly distracted. And did I say finishing? God I can't stand finishing (maybe that's why I can't). I just want things to go on and on forever and ever but of course it can't...I'm totally going to start working on completion from now on. Starting has always been easy for me, but ending? Ugh.

I'll actually do a whole post on that. I've noticed about actually getting towards that finishing point, my new laptop has actually helped quite a bit. I think it's the quick accessibility, for one thing, and the fact that it's MINE so I don't have to worry about taking anyone else's space up or anyone spying on my writings... not that I keep the darker stuff or whatever on the home PC, I'm just a private person when it comes to my own literature.

But anyway, my goal for...I guess the end of this year and the beginning of the next, is to work more on completion. Here goes nothin' :/

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