August 29, 2008

I can't even laugh

I wanted to be all relevant and shit and talk about McCain' choice for Veeper (lawl) but honestly? I can't. I just...can't. There isn't much to say about the 18 month gov of Alaska. Alaska. McCain went all the way to Alaska to finds his VP. Somewhere, Mitt Romney is tearing up his lottery tickets.

*random PB&J sandwich* I mean, I just wanted a break in my posts about how college is some mythical place you've never seen and then I get this shit. Really? I was shocked to death with Obiden (yeah that's right) and now...McPalin...that's kinda cute--uh, anyway, yeah this election just somehow got doubly silly.

Speaking of shit I can't even laugh at, two girls on my floor got stuck in an elevator. Then after that the fire alarms went off because of someone's fog machine. I don't think you people understand: let's take incense for example. I assume we've all seen incense smoke; it kinda just evaporates doesn't it? And leaves a pleasant smell. Unfortunately, we can't have incense because of fire hazard. Hell, we can't even have air freshener.







it was OKAY

to have




Please tell me so me and the rest of the hall can BEAT YOUR MONKEY ASS. Yes, there was a guy interrupted during his shower. Someone had a ukulele (whaat). Several people with no shoes, one guy with no shirt. All of us 100% pissed. Mean muggin each other in the dark. Slightly embarrassed.

Sigh. You people gonna make me take back everything I said >.> buc deez hos...

Eh, it's quite hour, Imma try to finish this movie in relative silence if I can. Considering it's quite...erotic, this might be a feat.

Also, why can I have a piss fetish in my sleep but not when I'm awake? Hmm.

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  1. OMG, you have that sleep piss fetish too?!?!


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