August 30, 2008


Oh god, so intelligent right?

Hum, my internet storage is just about up and it doesn't reset for another couple of weeks...fortunately my ethernet cord should get here by Thursday at the latest. Yippee.

Until either of those happen I guess I'll just amuse myself with PB&P(reserves) sandwiches and I'm also going to ask that NBC give me some full episodes of Law & Order. And I think I'm gonna have to torrent some other shit. I want some David Cronenberg but he doesn't seed all that high. High-speed don't fails me now!

I'm kinda mad at the post office for closing at noon apparently, and I up at noon? Well shit, no one tells me this. It's Labor Day weekend and the whole campus looks a bit like a ghost town, and if they aren't gone they're asleep or doing something horrible in their dorms.

I wanted to bring up a nice offer I got: I told one of my new friends (hee) that I probably wasn't going home for Thanksgiving unless Jeebus sends me a Greyhound and change rains from the sky. She offered to take me home to her family for Thanksgiving! Aww. it be some Texas Chainsaw Massacre shit. I'm bringing the sneakers.

Oh and for extra humor, er, I washed my mp3 player. Can someone please call my mother?

*curls around laptop and watches TV*

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