August 25, 2008

Class time, class time!

Alriiiight, classes have started here at ETSU. I haven't gotten too lost yet, thank goodness. I took advantage of not doing anything Sunday to find out where the hell I was. Unfortunately, all my classes are like clear across the damn campus and ETSU is rather biiiig. So me and the trolley and the shuttle are going to be good friends...

It rained today, making me late for one class, but I heroically ran through it anyway with flipflops and no umbrella, just my backpack. I had to pick my 'fro out on the top from where I'd sat the backpack on it so I had the Grace Jones look.

Tomorrow, if it's not raining, I want to get some photos of my favorite areas of the campus so people can see what I'm dealing with! The campus is really beautiful, almost like a park--there's big, wonderful trees everywhere and squirrels are currently taking over the campus. But if the campus belongs to squirrels then the dorm hall I stay in belongs to the ladybugs--whenever I shower there's at least 5 on the ceiling in the bathroom...but I hear they bring good luck so I won't complain. Ladybugs never hurt anyone, they're just pretty :P

For now I got some business to take care, taking out the trash. I can't wait to start my tutoring, actually. That starts in September me thinks. My day starts about 8 and ends at 6 PM, but I actually kinda asked for it that way so not too shabby.

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