July 20, 2008

Why the hell are you crying...

Alright, this is a few days old but I'm just now seeing the video after hearing so much talk about it on blogs. I figured I'd chip in with my couple of cents eh?

This is the video (which, 10 years from now will be a classic) of Elisabeth Hasselbeck crying...over some dumb shit. You've probably heard about it, I doubt you have though because it's kind of a...non-issue, and it's on the goddamn View, where all great debates go.

Anyhow, basically Hasselbeck and Whoopi Goldberg were discussing the use of the word "nigga" and Whoopi just kept it real on her and Hasselbeck...breaks into tears?


Is she serious? I have some questions for this interview:

A) Why are you bitches even discussing "nigga"?
B) Why is she crying? Really?
C) Did Barbara Walters just say she was afraid of "nigga"?
D) Did they really have to censor out so much of what Whoopi said?

I dunno, I've read outrage and ridicule about the video but I thought it was cute. She just starts crying! It was so damn cute, getting all riled up about something that doesn't concern her AT ALL. And when she brings "pop culture" into it and "we live in the same world!" UGH it's so damn cute I can't stand it. SHE IS ADORABLE.

I guess I should expound a bit, I don't think Hasselbeck is totally wrong, just the way she handled the discussion (she was actually doing okay before the Flood) was...well, silly. Also I obviously didn't see the whole show so I don't know if she pulled herself together later *shrug* whatever...

Whoopi and that Other Black Chick trying to defend "nigga" (or rather, the way they tried to "defend" it) was kinda silly too, Whoopi made a decent point but she lost me with the "if it was a different world" part. Okay, whites and blacks don't live in the same world, how does that make it right to call each other "nigga" again? Riiiight.

But that's my attempt to be relevant this week, so pfft~ where's my damn ramen.

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