July 19, 2008

Notice to parents: 90 degrees F = kind of toasty,

you stupid motherfuckers.

Oh goodness, if I'm not careful I'm going to start laughing at people leaving their children in the car. Shit, I already am.

Me and Momo were talking about this "sudden rash" of parents leaving their young kids in the car to either die or grow up to never forgive their retarded selves.

I wouldn't call it a sudden rash or anything, this always happens at least 12 times a month during the summer. I'm just gonna go on a limb and blame horrible parenting--because, you know, when the weatherperson on TV says it's going to be 80° outside, that's at least pretty warm. To an adult or a young person, wouldn't that be just as hot and a little hotter for a child? Do you people live on the damn equator?

I'll never understand the logic that says "If I just run into the store, it's fine to leave my 3 year old in the car...alone...with the windows rolled up...and no AC!"

The stories about not one but TWO parents--one a single mother the other a crazy couple (Edit: I got the links I wanted, of course this shit happened in my state, but I was slightly...alarmed at the fact that there were so many stories from this year and a few years ago about parents leaving their kids in cars for some damn drinks)--leaving their kids in the car to go run to the bar are just flat out hilarious. I don't care if the single mother's child died because of her negligence, that shit is funny to me. It's funny that gettin' yo drink on was some how more important than your damn children. Why did you even have them?

But these are obviously superhuman beings that don't know the difference between hot and cold--or maybe it doesn't exist to them! so I'm just talking in circles *shrug* I can't even complain about bad parenting because without them I'd have nothing to laugh about.

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