July 24, 2008

Things I wish America would move on about...

Technically that title should be "Things America Needs To Get the Fuck Over" but yeah.

This is just a brief little personal list of things I wish Americans (at large) would kinda sorta get over. We're supposed to be a progressive nation, why do we keep getting stuck in the same pitfalls over and over?

1) Homosexuality
I saw an article about the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy we all know so well, regarding gays in the military.

Now...really, if a gay man or woman is willing to put their life on the line for your freedom, are you going to say "No, you can't, you're gay!" That isn't a logical reaction. Admittedly, people are getting better and better about this but I still see some people who don't want to fight beside gays because...they're gay.

Also, America, all homosexual stereotypes aren't true. All of them aren't nancy boys or butch dykes--most gay people, you probably wouldn't even realize it until they told you. Lastly, if you're upset about lesbian and gay couples adopting children, I know of some orphans that desperately need a good home that might have a beef with you.

2) Obama is running for president

And there's shit you can do about it. It's too late!

He doesn't always tell the truth. Sometimes he spins the truth. He's black. His wife. His policies. He doesn't have experience. His speeches suck.

Who gives a fuck. What, you want McCain?

I'm not exactly an Obama supporter either, but all this shit I hear in the press about him is starting to get really old and is revealing a lot about Americans that I didn't want to know. Guys, he's running for office and all you can do is vote against him.

3) Islam = terrorist religion

This is kinda old but it still gets on my nerves. Even as an Atheist, I hold a soft spot for Islam ever since...well, the terrorist attack on September 11. A few extremists (and considering how many Muslims there are in the world, it really is a few) never represent a whole religion. We don't need to go shoot dem dere sand niggers just because they believe different things. This has happened to Jews and Christians for centuries and it's like now suddenly they have someone else to persecute instead (well, not really Jews). It's kind of disgusting since overall, from what I've understood, Islam is a fairly peaceful religion. Like Christianity should be.

Also, if Muslims seem backwards and repressive to you, imagine how Christians appear to them. Ugh.

4) "Hot button issues" aka Non-issues

I can understand abortion, but why is stupid shit like gay marriage still such a big non-issue all over the world? I'll never understand I don't think.

Sigh, that's just my little rant.

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