July 12, 2008

Dumping your issues

I have to say...I think I can officially rock green nail polish...

Anyway, yesterday at Supercuts was kinda funny. I got the most flamboyant guy to cut my hair and he did it pretty bad assedly. His conversation was kinda awkward because it was his first day (w00p) but what struck me was...well, let me start at the beginning...

First off when we first got in the place there was this redheaded young lady there. And pretty much the first thing she said was, "I'm sorry, I don't cut ethnic hair" in the most stereotypically Southern accent I can think of XD

Two things: A) "Ethnic"? Dude, you can call me black, it's okay; and B) So you can cut the hair of the guy of Middle Eastern decent but not the "ethnic" person? Whaaat?

I didn't actually have any issue with her, of course, I'm sure she didn't mean anything offensive. If she can't cut black hair I can't be mad at her; I didn't care about her use of "ethnic" I just thought it was funny. And my hair is damn unruly anyway, I wouldn't wish it on anyone, and if she'd fucked it up I would have set fire to her home and she knew it.

So I got this guy Frank who had no problem cutting the mass that is my Fluffy. This guy's good. We talked minimally because I hate talking while getting my hair done, it makes me nervous; but as we lightly chatted he started talking about cosmetology schools (I guess that term works) only teaching how to do white hair or how to do black. That's not anything particularly new because it all depends on what kind of business you're going to have, but he mentions that the school he went to taught everything which you'd think would be the best approach.

Then we talked about how catty salons can be (duuuh) when it comes to what "type" of hair they do. What kind of business they get. I know dad tries desperately to get me to go to black salons but they tend to be super expensive and I just want someone to cut my damn hair the way I want it without giving me grief.

All this, later in my mind, kinda served to highlight how retarded and trivial racial issues are most of the time and how nice it feels to just get all your issues out with someone who actually understands.

Sigh ~_~ I know why racial issues are suddenly "popping up" around me; like several things, I've just not had anyone to talk to them about (well, someone who actually gets where I'm coming from; I can actually talk for years and years). It's the same thing with my atheism, my gender/sexuality crisis, and now my racial identity. I just need to find more people to get it out with, so to speak, because we all know what happens when you let your issues fester into a mental disease...

I mean, it's one thing to just talk, but when you're talking to yourself--you already understand, what about a kindred spirit or just someone to have a dialogue with, without having to continually stop and explain or eventually just throwing your hands up like "FUCK IT" as I so often do XD it's not being verbose or the ability to explain yourself properly, the other party isn't going to understand no matter what you tell them.

And...I just managed to sneak some angst in there because I'm in that "borderline mood" right now. Well, that was nothing too ground breaking, but I figure it's time I start admitting things that I already know to myself instead of saying "I don't know why this is happening!" I always do~ it's just recognizing that I do and for some reason I don't like to do this at all.

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