June 12, 2008

Enjoy the space

So, I finally decided that instead of dicking around with colors and shit, that my blog needed an overall rehaul. My sidebar was just looking like a bloody mess and contesting for space with my entries, and in reality I'm not so much a neat freak or perfectionist as I am someone who just likes a LITTLE order, so I couldn't stand looking at that. I got my profile together and made it not long as hell with unnecessary info, put some stuff at the bottom to balance things out and just mixed some things up.

I've got 3 bloglists now that aren't totally complete (and never will be, will they?) that I divided up into categories more or less: stuff for art, stuff for more political interests and just shit relating to me, and then friends and fun stuff. I think that kinda covers it between that and my links list, and honestly it just looks cleaner than trying to stuff all these unrelated blogs together and looking crazy.

So, I look at it now and realize it may not have been the colors bugging me after all! Just some needed change...maybe this can foretell better changes in my life now!

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