June 2, 2008

Blogging about art; art journals and the like

So, traipsing around the almighty Blogosphere, I've discovered that there are a pretty many art blogs. Cartoonists, fine artists, sculptors, and people who just generally like to draw & paint and all that good mess, lots of people are keeping online art journals. Hell, goodness knows I do.

For me, there's two types of art blogs/journals: the ones that are dedicated solely to art posting, and the ones that aren't. And of the ones that are, I've noticed a lot of them are...well, silent. As in, they post their artwork and either don't talk about it at all or just give basic information like sizes and materials and prices.

You know, that's all well and good. Personally, though, when I post my art it's not so you can just look at it and go "Ooh!" it's so you can understand. Or better yet, so I can understand most of the time :P

The art course I took this year and last, I was forced to talk about my art...a lot. Justify everything and explain my processes, all that. That's not uncommon, except last year when I first took the course, that was the first time I'd been asked, "So, what's _____?" or "What's the significance of ____?" Also last year was the first time I'd ever been told my explanations aren't good enough! I had to be confident with my lines, assertive with my color choices. It was a great experience...

So, I do have to admit, "silent" art blogs do annoy me a little, but only because I'm so used to just...chatting and explaining my work all day long, whether it's a landscape painting or a tall-ass statue. Forced habit by now, I guess, coupled with the fact that I like to gab :P

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