May 17, 2008

What's wrong with the kids?

We have a family friend I'll call Bill. He has a crackhead live-in girlfriend (no joke) and a little girl we'll call K right now. K, growing up in an environment where her mother just sits there and smokes pot all day, has always been a...bad child.

Like...evil pretty much. She cussed, got into fights...this was all in kindergarten...

So I can't really ever establish enough how bad a setting this girl lives in.

So cue to when she's about 6, she nearly gets raped by some older boys (think 3rd or 4th grade). As far as I know, the boys get caught and dealt with but K never really receives any help. Despite her being, you know, a victim.

Like you would expect, she starts acting out. Like worse than before, and she's always getting into fights with boys. She does thing "like a boy", so I guess you could call her a...tomboy? But what I want to know is why everyone (adults) are like "She's so baaaaad!" without trying to figure out WHY.

Am I the only one who thinks, maybe, just maybe, she's a little pissed about almost being raped? At SIX? And not really receiving any counseling for it, well goddamn that would mess anyone up, especially a girl who's already got it rough anyway.

Christ, I just wondered yesterday, do we ever really ask what's wrong with the children instead of just punishing them and being done with it? You can suspend the girl as much as you want, she's just going to come back rougher until you sit her down and just talk to her like she's a PERSON. Not necessarily like an adult, but for goodness sake, you can only slap her hands so much.

It just makes me wonder how she's going to be as an adult, if this is her childhood now.

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