May 18, 2008

Runaround and Baccalaureate

I guess I spelled that right :O

Anyway, the story I was calling "Into Gold" is now just going to be called "Runaround", because A) Into Gold just sounds so dramatic and sucks and B) well yeah. I could just call it by the file name, Tort Cosas, but who understands that?

We had our baccalaureate was very nice. It was more religious than I expected and I usually hem and haw and groan at being fed bible verses (not to mention the damn thing almost felt like a funeral) but it was really nice. A good chance to see some choice people I'll probably never see again.

Graduation is seems so far away and so close, and so far again!--and so close. I've got plenty to do until then, too. nails! feet! And my hands and my hair and... *goes on and on*

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