April 9, 2008

Love my waaa~aay

I really like Psychedelic Furs :D but, with most bands I like, it seems I'm only attracted to the singles and a few obscure tracks :/ but nothing wrong with that right?

What have I been doing...messing around with my school-themed short stories, tinkering around with a new novel. I wanted to get in the habit of doing short stories, not even just to master it but to get out of the long-ass rambles I usually do :P recently I just felt like it though, and recently started a...a thing involving all kinds of funny intrigue and cannibalism. And by "funny intrigue & cannibalism" I mean NOT funny intrigue and cannibalism. I've written a story about cannibalism before and I think it's funny to see how similar they are, especially concerning mythology and themes of love, shite like that.

I usually describe my stories as "funny" no matter how gruesome they are, because sometimes you just get to a point in life where everything is just...silly! Silly, I said! I wonder if that's how Stephen King feels sometimes when describing the plots of his horror-fantastique tales :P I bet they're silly to him.

Moving from that rather forced mention of Stephen King, I finally read Pet Sematary after seeing the movie enough times to recite. Not the pants-wetting terror/cheesy hilarity of the movie but in some parts it came damn close...I won't do a reviewlette of it, really, but let me just say one needs patience to read it like most King novels...

And now I'm not comfortable walking around the house by myself, thanks.

There's this new show on Comedy Central, Lewis Black's Root of All Evil. The premise is basically Lewis Black doing what Lewis Black does, in the guise of a sort of mock court in which Black passes judgment on popular culture, deeming SOMETHING every night to be the root of all evil. I didn't really want to watch it because it seems to me Lewis is becoming a bit of a one trick pony. He's funny as hell and obviously does more than rag on pop culture, but everyone and their grandmother does that nowadays because, somehow, in the 21st century it's just become so...EASY. I guess what separates Lewis Black from, say, VH1, is the fact that he's funny and intelligent. I guess.

I tried to get into it last night but meh, I wasn't really paying attention. And I can only hear so many Paris Hilton and Youtube jokes in one month before I start stabbing my eyes out with things.

Let's see...nothing new going on with the Art front, other than I may just turn in my portfolio half-finished because I'm sick of working on it. Without too much backstory, being told to constantly modify shit and make things "more 3D" is starting to get on my nerves, I'm still getting no critique, and basically all my work is due the 14th. That's right, next week! I really shouldn't be giving up on the home stretch but I'm just fucking tired. I partially regret the class and I really do regret deciding to do 3D AND doing a portfolio :/

So, whether my work's done about the 13th or so or not, I know I'm done. It's really not worth messing with my mental state for 80-some odd dollars...

Hmm...I guess that's about it...I've been awfully sleepy lately. Eventually I'd like to try out the new Blogger draft features, especially the timed posting :D But I'd really rather wait until the bugs are all worked out...

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