April 6, 2008

Essay for money time!

As you may realize, I like writing. I really like writing. I like fiction and non-fiction, poems, dramas, plays, classics, teeny-novels...

You know what I don't like writing?


I hate essays. It's not that I can't write an essay - I think I can, or I've been told I can turn out a nice essay - it's just that, for me, they're so improper and stiff. I did a really loose, fun essay in 9th grade and it got a 6 (out of 6, which is like a Super 100%) but I've yet to do that again, just because it wasn't really a "proper" essay. But then again, what IS a proper essay?

Plus, I've never really gotten an essay topic I like, until recently. If I answer one of these essay topics by July, I might get some monehs :D

Without going into too much (not that I'm trying to be secret, mind you, I'm just tired right now), the essay topic I found most interesting was this:

Topic #3: Many experts believe that a major catastrophic event will occur in the year 2012. Do you agree or disagree? and Why?

By that I'm assuming they mean the so-called Mayan Calendar disaster sometime in the year 2012. I don't really have many facts going with this (nothing a little research can't cure) but, in the form of a sort of pre-write, here's why I DON'T think that bullshit's going to happen.

For one, there's really no predicting "the end of the world" or the end of human civilization. Nature and the whole universe are too unpredictable; the end really could, I think, come tomorrow, the day after, 2013, 2100, whatever. I think that's the biggest reason. Yeah, human civilization is eventually going to go extinct as everything tends to do (you know how many animals and plants there used to be on the earth?) but saying WHEN is just ridiculous.

Secondly, about the Maya calendar thing, isn't that a little...subjective? They had a different religion, different society, different methods, and different reasons why their calendar was put into use. Is it really predicting the end of the world? That's more of a personal question than a reason though. It's the end of their calendar but is it really their version of the Apocalypse? I really do have to go look into this some more.

But anyway, I'm a little stumped for a third reason which is why I hate essays so much. I have a counterargument involving a few people who say "well the Mayans were right about everything else!" to which I'd say, "and?" It's so hard putting personal feelings into a properly structured essay.

And now I must conclude...for my shoulder hurts for some reason...next post will probably talk about my latest failed novelistry.

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