June 25, 2010

Sub. Ego.

(Nope, you aren't seeing double! This managed to backdate itself somehow; so in case you missed it, I'm done, hate everyone, etc etc)

Oh xands, that's the wrong word! You mean alter! Or perhaps superego?

No, no I don't. Mm, Latin, mark of learned men. Well, bad Latin.

So I thought long & hard about it, but I've decided rather than throwing out piss poor quality emo-diary'ing and scattered brainless entries, I should probably go on & take my own advice (I'm usually right) and quit lying to myself that I even enjoy doing this anymore. No, not even for the kids. I feel like, instead of disappointing people around me, maybe it's finally my turn to be discouraged & let down, and mostly burnt out. So, let's call this a really, really, really long indeterminate hiatus. That's about it.

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