May 24, 2010

In my head, this usually ends with a punch in the face.

Look, I'm really not going to get into the "I'm an atheist but..." bullshit again because for one, you should know that by now and two, it's irrelevant.

On my Tumblr, I don't follow a lot of people for a reason. If it's not apparent to you by now I'm just not that social and at times I barely trust the people I do follow. But slowly something popped up, something called "Draw Mohammed Day". I thought, well, oh help us all this can't be good and it's pretty much what you think: a day in which you violate Muslim beliefs and draw Mohammed who is not to be depicted in art. Now, hitherto no one's given me a real reason, not even a good reason, for this "day" and why I should be excited about it. And I think I saw about three drawings total, most of which amounted to "yay freedom of speech!" or some garbage like that.

I have to admit I'm getting pretty tired of seeing Islam used as the poster religion for "CHALLENGE EVERYTHING". Look, I get it. I like questioning. I do believe in challenging the status quo and yeah that does extend to religious ideals. I've never said I was a particular fan of Islam as I'm not even a fan of religion, this is clear. But at the same time it's also irritating, especially the thinly veiled racism spewing from alleged progressive atheists/free thinkers, Christians, and etc. And that's the part that irritates me the most (don't worry Other Religions I do this when it comes to you as well).

Obviously, I'm not trying to speak for all Muslims or even some of them, but I just feel like there's something wrong in trying to divorce Islam from race considering the majority of people who are Muslim are brown and are in countries with histories of long colonization to put it lightly. Hmmm this already isn't boding well. Basically what I'm getting at, I guess, is I just think it's hilarious the same people crying out "FREEDOM FROM RELIGION" and "OMG OPPRESSION" which, while valid true enough, end up participating in further oppression. This seems to be the story of my life.

So, today, I posted this Tumblog here:

Well anyway, some White Atheist From Town on my Twitterfeed mentioned that he was shocked--shocked--that some folks were calling Draw Mohammed Day racist. I said, well, he was welcome to explain the ways it WASN'T racist and I guess he's either chosen to ignore it, hasn't seen my response, or is still trying to figure out how it's not racist.

See, this is why me & atheist communities can't be friends. Intersectionality and THE FUCKING OBVIOUS just doesn't exist with these people and I learned early that I really hated them all, even the groups populated by minorities/people of color/non whites/what have you

Person in questioned responded back and that's about where things stand now, but I already know I'm done with this shit because I remembered, people just don't learn. I don't care if they don't. All I can do is keep calling them out and publicly embarrassing them for my pleasure but I just don't think I'm expecting change anymore. Plus my rage can't be properly expressed in 140 characters.

Edit - New comments: I'm starting to wonder if a few of you aren't here just because maybe your best friend gossiped to you about it and you're commenting just to pile on. Regardless of what you have to say, if you've read the post and response post in its entirety this is how you prove it to me: somewhere in your comment type in 2 + 2 = 5. If you don't, I ban you, simple as that.

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