May 20, 2010

A brief PSA

Haai blogfolken,

It's me! I haven't posted anything in nearly a week blogwise. Frankly I've not been feeling too well physically or emotionally so save for Twittering and Tumblring (even that's getting sparse) I've just been having a time out of sorts. I'll tell you all about it in detail later.

Clearly I'm still alive, so I'm not here to say that. Actually I'm kinda partially asleep right now, but I just want to take a moment to thank all my glorious readers for putting up with my nonsense, reading my blog, and spreading my links far and wide. I don't thank you all enough not because I'm an ungrateful bastard, but just because I'm horribly forgetful & bluh and I don't...notice these things all the time. I'm still amazed when people know who I am let alone link to me or anything.

Sooo, thank you all! Pat yourselves on the back! ...Now... rub your tummy & pat your head--ahh I didn't say Simon Says, gotcha.

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