April 2, 2010

Let's get it (again)

So in case you missed it I really did take the leap and join Script Frenzy, and so far I'm off to a victorious start. 7 pages!

Only my mama can judge me.

Right. I'm doing a comic book format script just because the story I wanted makes way more sense as a comic. I've never written a comic script before so I'm just following by example really, I have no idea what I'm doing. There's a lot less purple prose, you know? April is a fairly busy month for me too so I don't even know why I'm subjecting myself to this shit once again. But I'm being fed on a steady diet of DMX music & Nyquil right now so I'm not in the clearest state of mind.

Anyway, I'll probably share my progress with you all at some point so you can see how I'm prosp'rin/failin'.  This probably won't be like NaNoWriMo with regularly scheduled excerpts, they'll just fly at'cha face like PLOW PLOW

April is also National Poetry Month AND National Poetry Writing Month so get on that too. It's a good month to be literary! Share your poetry! And if you can't write a lyric, share some other poetry! Coincidentally, poetry is a central part of my current writing thing. You know what I can also do? DRAW.

Yeah, get ready.

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