February 23, 2010

Couldn't love you more

So, it's no secret that from time to time I dye my hair--


...okay I've dyed it regularly for about a year.

In truth I've been dyeing it in some form since I was in middle school--the first time my mom attempted to bleach my hair it came out bright red, and I had to grow it out.

After that I didn't do it again until high school where I just went over the natural color of my hair (bleach & perms don't mix). Then when I went completely natural, well, yeah I haven't seen my real hair color in a bit.

In any case, it's never been that big of a deal but I am starting to get a little tired of people asking me how I got it this way or when I'm going back to my natural hair color. I can't make people happy!

I'm running out of wit so I've been coming up with stock answers depending on the color, such as being half pumpkin, or a mythical fae creature, or a rich idiot with no day job. These are actually all varying degrees of truth.

When I feel really spiteful, I tell them: well, the old Me is dead because I killed her. You should have liked her more and maybe it wouldn't have come down to that.

Why? Because I'm an angsty teen? No, I just love pop culture:

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