November 12, 2009

My mom is a punk

I got so excited yesterday.

My mom's a real punk. As in, she has to put up with my punk/gothness. When I hear stories about my fellow angsty rebellious teens getting it from the Man & the "rents" (wow I hate that term) I just boggle. Eh what? My mom wears more black than I do & she's eternally amused when I dye my hair or get the goth boots from Hot Topic (don't judge me).

So I'm away at school and I finally got tired of my monthly salary going to hair products (that is, if I'm not making them myself). So I ask mom a little favor--would you buy me some toner so my hair isn't so much awful yellow anymore pweease?

You know what, readers? OMG she did it. She went into Spencer's all on her lonesome, asked the clerk for help (uhh) and is shipping me a bottle of Virgin Snow so I can look somewhat like storm.

I am happeh :D

Now if only she'd just let me dye her hair pink...

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