October 6, 2009

More school fun! This year's posters

You may have noticed that school is pretty much a never ending adventure for me. From Witnesses of Jehovah to getting stranded in the library, to "criss cross" dressing (don't ask) and continuing peril in the cafeteria and trying to do my own laundry. I try to have an exciting life otherwise I'd have to do homework & shit, and no one likes that.

Well, if you've been here a while, you may have seen some of the amusing posters & signs we have that pop up in the Culp center every so often. And by amusing I mean completely misguided and probably stupid, sometimes merely funny. Fortunately for you lot I'm pretty much a certified ninja with my cellphone cam and I fear no one. Here's a couple I found this morning:

Admittedly I thought this said "yoga" for boobies. Okay, that's...thoughtful. And it's in my old stomping grounds at Clement. Uh-oh, Clement. This can't be nearly as benign as I thought. And nope, it does indeed say yogurt for boobies. You. Aren't. Serious.

We're getting so wild with this breast cancer awareness business. I'd really rather people just donate money. I mean, if buying the pink bag of M&Ms makes you feel better then by all means, but for real, that's not a lot of consolation for my mom or my aunt (survivor/under current treatment respectively).

Also "boobies" is demeaning and so are the bras, and once again we're totally erasing men who are also at risk for breast cancer. Too bad both sexes don't have boobies aye? Ugh, vomit.

Oh and this one's cute:

No, I do NOT find it offensive! I've actually always found the Republephant kinda cute (I like elephants, get off me). I just think it's great that this poster can go up most likely without fear of being repeatedly defaced or torn down, otherwise violated, unlike the...oh, Democratic party, LGBTies advertisement, atheist/agnostic/free thinkers club posters...oh republicans, y'all so oppressed. Hah. Just look at the space it takes up. Not even the advertisement for UP is safe.

And that's my fun for the day, so far anyway.

Edyt: I knew it was too good to last. Did I say getting wild with the breast cancer awareness? I mean ri-goddamn-diculous.

Yes, you're reading that correctly. Bowling for boobs. Do I really need any thing else?

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