October 5, 2009

More blog roll meta: Where the colored atheists at?

*peeks in room*

Uh, okay. I know, I kinda fail at updating my blog roll. I have all these links and apparently it's taking me forever to...transpose them over there *points to side bar* I SWEAR I'M GETTING AROUND TO IT.

So, I decided a while ago, while straining for/against my identity, I'm kind of tired of white atheists/agnostics/freethinkers. You know, I like my Dawkins and my PZ but frankly, neither one of them are me. Other than that whole atheism mess they don't speak to me much. I'm not a science-y person, I'm a fecking English lit major. I'm also black and people of color have their own issues when it comes to being non religious.

The thing is, I actually know plenty of POC atheist types but, I can't link to real live reg'lar folks if they don't have a blog/website, so I need to find blogs & websites. Even if they for some reason don't bother with that whole intersectionality thing I'd just feel better doing my part to connect. And you know, that whole insecure identity thing. I clearly need people to validate my existence.

So I have a few gathered (as I always, where are these few? I don't know) or in mind, if you know or think you know an atheist/agnostic/nontheist/heaten POC that would be nice, and you can pass it along to I. Chinese, Indian, Black & African, Native American, whoever you think. And someday, SOMEDAY, they'll end up on my prestigious blog list.

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