October 19, 2009

More American ignorance: Sikhs lumped in with Muslims

Watch this vid:

I'm pretty incredulous like the newscaster dude but really, what do we expect? They wear funny turbans & are brown (and have beards) thus = Muslim! They're just asking for it.


There has been a case in America (at LEAST one) where a Sikh man was attacked because some white dudes assumed he was Muslim. After 9/11. Nevermind the 10 kinds of wrong there but really.

Let me pull on my tweed jacket real quick. Now, first off, for the last fucking time not every Muslim is a terrorist. Not even a handful. There are extremists in every religion--well, almost--but they don't even represent the whole of that religion, they just so happen to be the loudest. I'm looking at you Fundamentalists.

In any case, not every brown person that wears a turban or some type of scarf is a Muslim. I don't even associate turbans with Islam although it's true the men will wear head coverings. Sikh men bind their hair which traditionally remains uncut in the turban. If anything if I saw a guy in a turban I'd probably guess Sikh first since I'm apparently the only one whose heard of this religious practice before now.

Watch the video for more differences. How ignorant can we be? Are we seriously still afraid of the sekret Muslims to the point where we'll lash out at every person in a fancy head covering? I wear a tichel, a typically Orthodox Jewish head covering, and sometimes I wear it in a way that it looks like a turban--am I a Muslim or Sikh? No, I'm an atheist, I just cover my hair up for work/weather. You show yourself to be ignorant when you 1) make assumptions about others based on stereotypes and falsehoods and 2) decide to abuse others based on this.

I want to say I can't believe it, but just sitting in my philosophy class--where we first talked about Sikhs in multiculturalism and it became clear that the folks in there didn't have much of a clue--I think I do. I believe a lot these days.

I picked this up of ONTD_P and thought it was a good look into why I'm bout ready to bleach my skin/hair and move elsewhere.

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