August 29, 2009

I can has school post

WARNING: Post of utterly zero consequence ahead.

Sigh. I'm fully back in school.

If you tuned in anytime before February this year, you'll know I had fuuuun fun fun fuuuuun last year. And you'll also know that "fun" is horribly sardonic in this case.

I had a great time dealing with: a revolving door of room mates & friends, being evangelized to, having my door vandalized by racists who couldn't handle losing the election, hanging out with bureaucracy, having to explain what blackface is and why it's bad, being vandalized by homophobes, dumb ass teachers, dumb ass classes, and trying to reach kids in reading.

Well this year shit has changed. I've upgraded dorm halls for instance: less drunken freshman and more politely drunken upper classwomen--you see, I'm in a women's dorm. I upgraded because I could afford it, also I got tired of living in mas bootleg conditions.

I feel like I'm starting over again since I'm not going to be seeing a lot of most of my friends this year, thanks to my schedule & new dorm. Also a lot of the friends I made last year just left school for various reasons. For a while I thought I'd be one of them but I'm a stubborn (don't forget resilient) mofo so I decided I'd trudge along through another year~ mostly though I'm tired of shifting schools because I'm never happy at one.

Although I'm only *gasp* second year, I have that odd, aloof confident air that I had my senior year of high school, when I finally got my act together. I don't want to keep going through school & doing well but feeling highly dissatisfied. THIS CAN'T BE MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.

I'm thinking of implementing a new strategy of avoiding east Tennesseans with extreme prejudice, because the ones that I hang out always seem to be the type of people I hate. Just eat Tennesseans, everyone else was fine. Why must stereotypes be true here?

I have a freshman room mate which should be fun. I'm jaded about my room mate situation and think I might just live alone next year. I'm officially just not a people person at all.

Despite all this I'm trying to keep my head up for this year, because there's no point in fulfilling my own prophecies before the year even gets off properly. It used to make me feel smug but now it just makes me feel sad. I hate predictability.

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