August 7, 2009

Happy birthday toooo meeeee~

On this day, many ye-ahs and ye-ahs ago, I popped out of my mommy like "Who the fuck you people?"

That was then, this is now!

It is my birthday! I'm...still younger than Danz!

Fun facts:

As Danzy noted, there isn't much to being 19 except not being 18 anymore and definitely not being 21. I still classify as a teenager I guess. And I'm still the baby of my family D: *wah*

But, as my mom & I noted, I've apparently broken the family curse for women! I am neither pregnant nor married! I made it, hoorah!

I'm in a college far away in Whiteyville that has given me extreme white folks PTSD and I shit you not.

In a few more weeks I'll have had natural hair for a whole year. I feel itchy.

I got no one anything for their birthdays this year, see note about college.

...except my OWN birthday because fuck it we're going out to eat.

This is the first time in a few years my birthday has been on a day when no one goes to work. I can celebrate with PEOPLE!

...I think that's it. So uninteresting. Let's dance instead! I spent the week collecting things for my happy day

First, a happy dance brought to you by the Hobgoblin King and the Fellowship of the Ring

And now my theme song for the past three years

Dance game proper!

...What? Don't look at me like that

...Aaand that's about it. Why is this so 80s/early 90s heavy? I don't know either...

If I just crashed your Internet fiftylevin times, first of all get like me. Also, please file all complaints when I get back from celebrating.


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