July 21, 2009

Fuck me? No, FUCK YOU. Now with guns.

No, no, not fucking with guns. Although...just think how *INTERESTING* that would be. Write that shit down!

But alas, I'm not here to fuck with guns, I'm here to tell guns to fuck off. Meh.

It's bad enough my dear city (I don't think it's state wide) is allowing guns in bars with liquor. The condition being that you can't...drink...see I don't even feel like breaking that one down. I just want to share this (all emphasises mine):

Nashville may allow guns in parks at night

With the Metro Council getting ready to debate opting out of the state's new guns-in-parks law, a councilman is asking for two exceptions to the proposed ban.

An amendment filed by Councilman Randy Foster would allow guns in Metro parks from one hour before sunset until closing. It also would allow guns on any greenways, nature trails or natural areas — or en route to or from those places.

Foster said he wants to look for compromise where possible and allow handgun carry permit holders to feel safe after dark.

"There's a bit of a distinction between an urban park and a suburban greenway," he said Monday. "When you're looking at some of these greenways, if not all of them, they're very remote."

The state law lets Tennessee's approximately 237,750 gun carry permit holders take their weapons into state and local parks, but it allows local governments to opt out, and many have done so already, including Brentwood, Chattanooga, Clarksville, Memphis, Murfreesboro and Williamson County.

The Metro legislation, up for the second of three required votes tonight, would preserve an existing gun ban in Nashville parks.

"Obviously, all of the surrounding cities and counties felt the opt-out in its entirety was appropriate, and I think it will be the same here," said Councilwoman Megan Barry, one of the sponsors.

There were 15,443 gun carry permit holders in Davidson County as of July 1, according to the Tennessee Department of Safety.

...*rubs temples* Siiiigh.



So, basically, we want guns in the park & natural trails after dark. You may guess that I don't agree with this.

On the surface, you may say, sure, guns in the park! Why not? People just want to feel safe. With everyone carrying a gun.

This honestly just doesn't make any sense to me. It's frustrating because it's not necessarily a BAD idea, I can just see it easily, EASILY going very wrong no matter how responsible these gun owners claim to be. Also, these parks are already loaded with security from previous incidents not even involving violence *coughgayscandalscough* I hate to question anyone's sense of safety but really?

Also...having guns from one hour before sunset to closing? Riiight. Yeah, I know there's a few parks that say they don't close until 11:00 or so but most of them shut down & put barriers up at sunset. That's...stupid. Either have the guns from opening hours to closing hours or don't at all.

I have to admit though, for natural trails that are way out in the boondocks (and we have a few) this probably makes some sense.

I'm wondering what sparked all this, some incidence of violence I haven't heard of yet? Or are we so afraid that urban violence is taking over that we're making pre-emptive strikes? I don't know...

Edyt: I got this timely video from my mommy :D Thank you, Mr Colbert, just thank you.

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If you can't view the video for any reason Stephen is (humorously) talking about the situation with TN allowing guns in lickah establishments. Again, the situation with that is, you can now have guns in bars that sell liquor, SO LONG AS YOU DO NOT DRINK WHILE IN THE ESTABLISHMENT.

It...it doesn't take long to ruin the logic of that does it?

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