June 14, 2009

So I hear the mainstream media failed (again)

Note: For full effect you have to read this post in your best John Connor (a la Terminator Salvation) voice:

So last night and this morning I found myself engrossed in the latest news from Iran.


Yes, the vapid, self-absorbed, fleeting, newest social media networking kid on the block has just about officially replaced all my news sources.

If you're wondering, what news from Iran, I mean the Iranian elections that would determine whether Iran would have Ahmadinejad for another 4 years or his more progressive opponent Mosauvi. And through what was surely some serious political rigging, Ahmadinejad was declared winner & those of us that love change are NOT happy about it. I won't even lie, this shit is really complicated--to me at least, and I called myself keeping up, and it would take quite some time for me to detail everything to you--why, I wish there was some sort of convenient news link to summarize it for you, perhaps from CNN or MSNBC?

I had to spend a lot of time in the real world today so I wasn't able to keep up as much, the last I heard there were still riots going on. I come home already to dive back in only to find out, once again, the mainstream media has let us down.

We already know, in America, who it is that gets media coverage--or better yet, who DOESN'T. But this...this is different. This is such a new level of unacceptable! This is HUGE and of immediate importance to us and I've seen like...2 BBC reports & some CNN footage? Eh? Shouldn't we be all over this? Figuring out what the US plans to do (something good maybe)? Or should we just wait until the morning & get all caught up on what's happening RIGHT NOOOW?

But of course it's not like we sit around waiting for Anderson Cooper to get on that shit We stopped doing that long ago because MSM has been obsolete for so long. We have our own resources. We have our Twitters & blogs, we can get the news our damn selves, you are the media. You want to keep up? Hit Twitter. Hit a blog or several. Be the change.

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