June 9, 2009

Gordon Ramsay is an ass

You surprised?

I mean sure he's an entertaining ass, but an ass is an ass. His ass is also the only person I happen to know in this situation so forgive me if I seem a little biased.

What assery has Gordon committed now?

Gordon Ramsay embroiled in Australian row with TV host

A feud between celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and a TV host was amplified this week, with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and other politicians wading into the fray.

Rudd decried the notoriously foul-mouthed Ramsay for his reported insults about TV host Tracey Grimshaw during a weekend food and wine show in Melbourne.

"All I could describe his remarks as reflecting is a new form of low-life," Rudd said. "I just think that's off, and offensive. Good on Grimshaw for coming out and giving him a left upper cut."

Ramsay, whose hit shows Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares are broadcast on Australia's Nine Network, made an appearance Friday evening on journalist Grimshaw's popular show A Current Affair (also broadcast by Nine). The visit appeared pleasant and relatively uneventful.

However, the Scottish chef stunned audiences at a food and wine expo on Saturday when he exploded in a string of insults about Grimshaw, who was not present, during a cooking demonstration before an audience of thousands.

According to reports, he made disparaging comments about her appearance, compared her to a pig and suggested that the host was a lesbian. Ramsay also repeated his tirade at the food show on Sunday and Monday.

Eh? Eh? Seems a bit like run-of-the-mill sexist misogynist dumbassery to me but I'm also a fat lesbian so maybe I'm just not phased. Oh wait, there's video!

Don't worry though, Ramsay quickly fauxpologized to all involved

Now, a spokesman for the chef has said: "Gordon was giving during a live cooking demonstration at the Australian BBC Good Food Show last weekend in front of a large and boisterous audience.

"His comments relating to Tracy Grimshaw, who had interviewed Gordon the previous evening, were off the cuff and in response to heckling from the audience.

"His intention was to make a joke and indeed he did raise a big laugh at the time.

Okay so now Gordon considers himself a funny ass, and because everyone LOL'd it was a mere boo-boo on Ramsay's part--no shut the fuck up, you were at a cooking demonstration (A COOKING DEMONSTRATION) and you decided to haul off and act like a complete ass, joining the company of Michael "it just happened!" Richards in the Hall of Dumbassery, Stage Cock Up Wing to the left. STAY THERE.

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