May 24, 2009

25 Greatest Sci-Fi Shows Evah

So, if you follow me on Twitter or know me somewhat well, you may guess that I'm a bit of a sci-fi fan. I don't read a lot of it, but I've written/wrote it *coughcoughcheckmyarchives (warning: when going through my archives, tread carefully. Back when no one was reading, I wasn't always aware if you get my drift.)*

Anyway, I was reading Oh No They Didn't (leave me alone) and I saw this list and I thought I'd share it. I had a couple of thoughts when I first saw it:

1) I've seen 70% of this list and am not ashamed
2) Someone got sci-fi and fantasy AND speculative fiction confused
3) Is there really any life situation I can't relate to the Twilight Zone?
4) I want--no, NEED to watch Dark Shadows

So here's the list. If for some reason you don't want pretty pictures or just don't care about suspense, here you go:

25. Dark Shadows
24. Smallville
23. Red Dwarf
22. Incredible Hulk
21. The Night Gallery
20. Supernatural
19. Highlander: The Series
18. Babylon 5
17. The Outer Limits
16. Quantum Leap
15. The Dead Zone
14. Angel
13. The Prisoner
12. The 4400
11. Firefly
10. V
9. Jekyll
8. The X-Files
7. Star Trek
6. Lost
5. Battlestar Galactica
4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3. Star Trek: The Next Generation
2. The Twilight Zone
1. Dr Who

I have to admit I disagree with a lot of that list, not because of positions or show worthiness but because...I don't think a lot of those shows are sci-fi. I mean, I may be splitting hairs but a lot of those I feel just fall right into the category of fantasy or the underappreciated speculative fiction.

Let's take it from the bottom: Dark Shadows was mostly a gothic soap opera with vampires, and had sci-fi elements (uh, vampires) but for the most part although it utterly defied classification (read: GOTHIC SOAP OPERA WITH VAMPIRES) it was mostly a mild horror show. Sci-fi? Ehh...

Fine, fine (come on, Kal-El is an alien at least) until we hit Night Gallery. Okay the Twilight Zone being here negates Night Gallery. There's no reason. Night Gallery was an out-and-out horror anthology. That was it's purpose, and let's be serious, TZ is kind of the superior show anyhow. Rod himself was pissed at the show because they wouldn't give him creative control (in death Rod Serling is fiercer than most living writers). If you have the Night Gallery on here you might as well throw up, I dunno, Tales from the Crypt. Oh wait, TFTC is superior as hell too. Okay take NG off this damn list.

I've really got questions for Highlander: The Series. Science fiction? Really? SCIENCE? The Quickening? The head cutting? Swords? Were there even any sci-fi elements in Highlander? I didn't watch the whole series because...I got the gist for real after 2 seasons and 3 movies.

Let's see let's see...Quantum Leap was my shit, btw, when I was a kid. Okay Angel & Buffy. Sure they both contain sci-fi elements but again, aren't they really fantasy shows? Whoops, Firefly IS on the list. And...yet the many Stargates are nowhere to be seen? Okay now what's more sci-fi than THAT?

I like how Star Trek: TNG is higher than Star Trek: TOS. I'm not even mad. I'm sorry Kirk. Speaking of which, I know many fans aren't fond of Deep Space Nine but really, I got lost midway through Voyager. I like Janeway but damn. Then I saw one ep of Enterprise and felt like quitting life.

Okay the Dead Zone. For some reason I watched the first two seasons of that show pretty religiously and just from what I saw it's still a fantasy series. Speculative fiction even (yeah I know that's rather broad) but not really sci-fi.

Oh and Lost. Well I've never actually seen Lost (I know, I'm crazy) so I can't comment on it's being here, just it's position. I think Lost and Angel should do a switch, as in, Angel should not be on the list and Lost can be #14 and something else can be 7, like, shit, LEXX.

And Dr Who is #1. Ehh. Why not. I'd say something but a Dr Who fan is bound to beat my ass and shoot me into subspace.

And that's it. Any thoughts, questions, comments? There's some randomness for your life. Again I don't hate the list or anything, just sayin. I think it would have been better off as the Greatest TV Shows In General myself.

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