April 23, 2009

Evangelicals are out to get me

See, even my food time isn't safe anymore.

This is what I get for living in a bible belt state. You'd think a college campus would be pretty secular but noooo sir, not these twits.

I'm usually pretty good at avoiding the godbots, but I must reek atheism like fear because I have all friends of some sort of Christian persuasion. Most of them are pretty okay with the godless thing but there's a few that are, like, on a conversion mission. Sorry, I lack the god gene, no can do.

So I try to be gentle with friends, but when total strangers do it, I don't care. Skip to dinner this Tuesday, eating with a friend in Main Meal (aka the cafeteria). Dinner's going okay until some guy--a big, husky, hairy, piercing'd guy--asks to sit with us. She knows him, he can't remember her.

This, ladies and gents, is our evangelical. And I know because it doesn't take long for him to give his life story (he's a fecking Born Again'er) and start relating it to being saved and rambling on and on about the damned Gospels. He compares the Dark Knight to the Gospels (it has a beginning, middle, and end!)

As I was half-listening to dude drone on I texted Daniel about how badly I wanted to fuck his shit up, especially concerning his indirectly referring to gays as evil because they take bible quotes out of context.

Hey. Hey. You know who else takes bible quotes out of contexts? Christians.

Nyarlathotep be praised he did go on and on. He pretty much failed everything on this list with no sense of irony and I just lol'd and lol'd along. And the minute he got up to get something else to eat I booked it and quit that bitch. Been avoiding him & the cafeteria ever since.

Although, I know if I had to confront his ass a second time on my own it'd be a different story. I try not to nonplus and offend my religions friends :/ but I find Christianity to be quite petty in sneaking up on poor lil me like that so really fuck em.

AND the Witnesses of Jehovah have been out in full force, and I'm not sure who that is that wears blue *sigh* Like...I'm surrounded y'all. Plus it's Orientation so the school's throwing everything they have at the new incoming students to make them feel at home, or rather, make them feel horribly uncomfortable and bemused. BUT if I were being the good atheist I was supposed to be, I probably would have skipped to Chicago like I should have. Oh well, can't let it get me down I suppose.

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