April 5, 2009

Abril post

Yes, April looks like it's going to be a good month to talk about lots of good things.

I missed posting about the anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King jr's assasination yesterday *sigh* I hate the idea of doing a "token post" but I actually had nothing to say for some reason...but it's not like we can't talk about the man year round. In fact, we should! Damn you, we will!

Speaking of things we should talk about year round anyway, April, as it turns out, is Autism Awareness month, including World Autism Awareness Day last week. I hope you all did something pleasant. I've personally never had any experiences with autism...or at least that I'm aware of, but I'd like to explore that. Other things I'd like to explore, as I've mentioned earlier, are immigration & child abuse, as April hold vigilance for those causes too.

Whew! I think that's everything. Isn't it interesting? And...I guess Easter happened at some point. That is one damn day I have seriously never been able to keep up with, except when they put out the Cadbury eggs *nom*

Ehh, anyway, that was a bit of a catch all in case you didn't know what's up...that's what's up. I'll definitely be hitting those topics and some others in my never ending draft list this month, so I should never have a slow day ever for the next few weeks! Right? ...Right?

Edit: Shit, that's right, it's also national poetry month. WELL GUESS WHAT. The Poetry Corner will make it's triumphant return!

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