March 21, 2009

Sex Doll jackets

Still doing that thinky post...but I hate it when I get weak and browse D-Listed. I find shit like this:

Sex Doll jackets for the discerning...never mind.

I can't save you from that link. You'll just have to click it and join me in cleansing. But before you do, I want you to know that it's exactly what you think it is and probably worse than you can imagine. Those colors don't even freaking WORK let alone reducing women to bits and pieces (uh, nipple clasps is all I can say) for you to wear.

...Did you see those fucking colors? Eeeeuuugh.

To save this from descending into madness, can I say that I've always been creeped out by male & female sex dolls? I don't mind--care, really--if folks use them but I can't...I dunno, get my head around them. I guess it's the same reason I'm not fond of regular dolls except now it's on a whole different level...the...fakeness and disposableness I guess. When I saw my first RealDoll I was totally done for life yo.

Sigh. Today would be a good day to eat breakfast, non?

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