March 16, 2009

Dear Depression

I'm afraid this isn't working.

I know, the last time we got back together I vowed it would be forever. Teenage promises rarely extend into adulthood, childhood relationships held on by such slender threads.

I can't be with you anymore.

You're a bleak cloud over my life...which...uh I guess is the point. For years you've dominated first my nights, then my weekends, then my weeks, until you consumed entire months of my life. And while you brought out the creative side in me you rather suppressed the other aspects of me, like...everything else. Then you just swallowed up the creative side as well so that's moot.

Well, after our little bout last night, no more. I'm asking you to leave politely.

Also, I want my music collection back ASAP. I forget when we swapped but I want all my LPs back and they better not be damaged or so help me. Frankly when you're not around I don't even enjoy your music that much. I'm not even sure what YOU see in it. I don't want to know. Just give me my records.



PS: I actually really want your Bauhaus CDs. I'll trade you vintage Madonna?

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