February 8, 2009

Weed: The Root of All Evil...I guess.

I don't care about marijuana. I really don't.

I think it's a stupid drug. Other than medicinal purposes I don't really see the appeal in tokin' up with RayJay and Jaekwon and Chuck. Then again, I am a complete teetotaler and I grew up around the shit...and other drugs *shrug* So that's me.

That being said, I am so tired of these goddamn AboveTheInfluence commercials about pot. Guys. Seriously? Stop.

You hear that acoustic montage music, then you look over at your screen and see a little boy with cigarette burns in his arm...because his sister is smoking pot.

I fucking hate these commercials. They're about as stupid as the drug itself. Stop vilifying weed like it's the source of all evil. It's not. Furthermore, kids out there are doing more than just smoking a little grass. Ecstasy, coke, meth, acid...meth is the reason I can't by Nyquil over the counter anymore!

And you may say, well, coke is a little expensive for the average teen isn't it? Or hell, even the average adult. But that doesn't mean it can't be made available and that doesn't mean that kids don't do it and get hooked on it. It's not that pot isn't bad for you, I'm just tired of seeing these commercials making such a big deal of a little grass when there are other dangers at hand.

Also...these commercials just kind of suck. They're irritating. They're too artsy and vague and aren't going to deter anyone. I think we need to find a better, more honest & straightforward way of warning kids about the dangers of drugs & alcohol. Teens make bad decisions but they aren't utterly stupid. Seriously, don't let those test scores fool you, some of us gots a bit of common sense and can think for ourselves.

So...to sum up, I'm still sick and annoyed and these stupid drug commercials aren't helping. Is that it?

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