February 1, 2009

Lord Have Mercy

Atheist or no, every so often (okay a lot of times) I just read/look at things and think "Lord have mercy..."

The unspoken part of that being some variant of "help this ridiculous soul." Followed by a high & deep eye roll.

I got called a Voltaire last night/this morning and it made me very happy! I don't have any enemies just yet, but I do love making whosoever I decide look utterly ridiculous. Ever since I was little...

*brief flashback* Anyway.

I really was pleased with the reference as I've never gotten such a compliment before...

Oh finally, it's February. Other than being probably the most hated month of the year it's *cups mouth* BLACK HISTORY AWARENESS MONTH.

So! Am I doing anything in particular this month? Probably not, I still do have my issues with it... *shrug* I don't know if they're truly my own and not "why do you guys get to have a whole month?!" nagging at me constantly. It doesn't seem like any explanation is good enough does it? So...

My school is doing some bad ass activities for the month. If I ever find that email we'll look at them and I'll point excitedly to the ones I want to attend. Oh joy!

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