February 14, 2009

His world is under anaestethic, subdivided and synthetic

Pssh, so I'm not quite done being angry at the universe and its utter failings just yet, so I did that thing where I spend up my paycheck.

Well, not spend up. I just bought the latest live Rush DVD set from the Snakes & Arrows tour, released late last year. I got it for $21 :D I'M THRIFTY. See, mama?! *no she doesn't read me blog, and thank the Invisible Pink Unicorn*

Okay, so perhaps I did buy it in a random bout of depression. And I'm about to flex my nerdskill/Rush mastery. But while being pissed I suppose I had a craving for their music and treated myself to a bunch of live songs. And...dear lord, they played Digital Man. I think I wept a little at the 2008 footage. It's not really one of my favorite songs even though it sounds incredibly awesome in studio and even better live. And after playing a bunch of 2008 live songs I finally bought into the mania and now my life is complete, for now.

Forgive me for my musical ramblings, I can't seem to quite focus enough for a *serious face* post. Or even to be joking. The real question, as usual, would be to why post at all and the answer is quite literally *shrug* Oh well, we'll all deal with it eventually I suppose. And if you can't...let me know.

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