February 17, 2009

Because it's still Black History Month, betches.

Yup, it's still February and...I dunno, I actually tried to do some more Black History Awareness Month-centric *whew* posts, and I've got a couple saved in draft, but I'm so damned scatterbrained. There's only like a week left to talk about the one time white folks bother to familiarize themselves with our history *rolls eyes*

I think everyone, if you haven't that is, check this article on Racialicious: Is It Safe To Desegregate History?

Read it and click all the damn links, it's so awesome. For a personal victory, I've not had one single white person ask me why there's a Black History Month. Yet. I guess all my years of hard work and yelling at people in foreign languages (made up or real) has finally, FINALLY paid off and people are either actively avoiding me or have just given up wondering the mysteries of the cosmos. I truly don't care either way. If I can make it to March without people fucking with me I will be SOOOO GLAAAD. I'm trying to enjoy my goddamn Spring Break for the first time in years, I don't need drama. At all.

A personal victory though, I tend to just ignore the slew of folks that are so desperate to see BHA Month gone. For whatever reason. Again, I don't care, I made my feelings known and I firmly stand by them. I also firmly stand by not liking Kwanzaa *shrug* that's how I roll. Throwin that out there...

Anyway, I'd like to look in my drafts and maybe finish up a couple of blackcentric posts I've been wanting to make, you know, before April.

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