February 28, 2009

Alternative, Spring Break

So, week after next (as in not this upcoming week...follow?) I'll be on spring break. Yay! So where am I going? Cancun? At-lanna? Flo-ri-da? Travel across Europe following my favorite industrial bands since they never come to the States? The Virgin Islands?


Not quite.

Yes it's true; I, the most boring person alive, in between working and trying to make a decent paycheck, will be staying right here in my teeny tiny dorm room, probably curled into a ball of black sorrow and playing copious amounts of Depeche Mode and Bauhaus, fending off the urge to injure myself with index cards. I'm an ex-mutilator, you see *blink blink*

So all this goes on for a week of course. I know, I know, I do that all week every week can't stop won't stop, so spring break won't be much of a difference. Maybe with more Sci-Fi channel thrown in.

So, it's the weekend and my E key seems to have fixed itself, but, again, I have some woe to get back to. So I'll leave you with this random ass article from the Chicago tribune about the Clever and Good Looking Michelle Obama and her naughty naughty sleeveless dresses.

Some harrumph over Michelle Obama's sleeveless dress

Sleevelessness is next to tawdriness if you ask some citizens who spotted Michelle Obama in the audience of her husband's speech Tuesday night.

Although the first lady has been admired for her signature sheaths that expose toned arms, her choice of a Narciso Rodriguez sleeveless dress in this setting ignited some indignation.

"Does the lady not understand that these Big Speech Events are serious and important? Not a cocktail party?" e-mailed Tribune reader Janice Elges of Wheaton, who said she scanned the crowd for other bare arms and spied none. "The season is winter. The occasion is business. Dress was wrong place and time."

I know Haterade is delicious and all, but it's really not that good for you.

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