February 6, 2009

25 Facts: The Remix

Yup, it's the blog/Facebook sensation that's sweeping the nation. I've actually done this like...two, three times now, and I figure one or two of you out there might be curious as to how I roll, so I'll share my life with Bloggity Land.

1. I get bored easily, I dunno why. I'm also prone to cabin fever.

2. Because I'm so prone to cabin fever, I take long ass walks everywhere. I'm strangely good with directions so I'm hardly ever lost.

3. I was spanked a few times as a child, usually behind my mother's back because she didn't believe in spanking and my dad really, really did. And now that n--- gets mad when tell him to fuck off and die. Don't ever wonder why dad, don't ever wonder why.

4. Having control of myself is a very personal issue to me. When I was younger I was never allowed to have control of my own hair and was subjected to perms, hot combs, weave, the works through out elementary and middle school. My dad never left me alone which sucked, especially in the deep throes of his drug/alcohol addiction. I was left in an abusive household for about 3 years. I'm not a recluse, I'm just tired of people fucking with me.

5. I used to really want to be a boy when I was--fuck it, I still do. I actually do a pretty damn good job, as I've been called "mister" and "sir" and "he" on numerous occasions. It's not that I don't enjoy being a girl, I just hate being restricted to one gender.

6. I hate reflecting. I'm quite content with the present and prefer to look towards the future.

7. I am [Edit: censor--bwahahahaha!] a grown ass human being. I like cookies a lot. Ooh! and cartoons.

8. I think I might strangle Christopher Nolan for letting Harvey Dent just die like that. That's fucking outrageous. Please, Nolan, give the White Knight another chance.

9. I like pretending I'm eccentric; in reality I'm probably the most normal person you know.

10. Speaking of hair, I actually have a pretty massive afro right now. I don't pick it out because I prefer the natural curly texture, but when I do run through it, the oxygen gets sucked out of the room.

11. My hair has been varying shades of purple, blue, and red (and green one time but that didn't come out so well) over the years. I don't like to bleach though--I'm thinking about it over the summer, but I probably won't.

12. I like kitties and koalas and ferrets and kinkajous and sheep and bunnies and puppies and clownfish and goats and komodo dragons and parrots and chipmunks and squirrels and rats and mice and...

13. Anderson Cooper is my dream...everything. I could stare at him for an indefinite amount of time. He's the only reason I know anything is going on in the world. Oh Anderson my love!<3~

14. You know who else is a hot piece? Angela Bassett. Can I get her & Cooper on a sandwich to go? What? Um. Uhhh. Yeeeeeeaaah~

15. When I see the boys and girls in vintage Guns n Roses band tees I double over with laughter. I hate band tees in general. Have some fucking class & swag.

16. I did, however, see a The Who leather jacket in a store once. It was so awesome...but...not only could I not afford it, but it was leather. Therefore I became bitter, I suppose. Down with the bourgeoisie!

17. I cannot make myself laugh.

18. I've learned first hand several times that dehydration really sucks a whole damn lot. I mean serious dehydration--like "Oh god how did I end up on the floor" lack of water and shit.

19. This sudden Green Awareness/Eco Conscious shit cracks me up. But I do like to recycle. I like organic drinks & fruits. I really don't care, I can afford that shit now.

20. I have tried to read Virgil's Aeneid bout fifty levin times and I can't get past book VI. So help me one day I'll get to book VII.

21. One of my heroes is Carl Sagan and I love Cosmos. That dude didn't take shit from anyone, up to and past the day he died. He smoked pot? So fucking what, dude was one of the top astronomers in his day and helped create a whole nother damn field of science. He has the kind of clout folks have to decay for 100 years to even start thinking about. Phelps please pay attention witcha broke ass.

22. I also love Michio Kaku. Mmm, silver foxes...string theory...

23. I've yet to have a serious relationship. I actually wonder if I'm capable of one. I kind of don't care but it makes me wonder.

24. Pointless rebellion is pointless. If you want something to get passionate about, ask me. I will turn you on to so many world issues you won't know what to protest or who to advocate first. The world is bigger than you think.

25. I'm a pretty staunch philosophical existentialist. The point of existence is to exist because you can't do anything else. Your existence is what you make it and only that. When you die, that's kind of it, so think about it.

Bonus fact: I think I've done this twice now, I hope you all enjoyed squeezing blood from a turnip.

I'm awful profane today...oh well.


  1. Ok, I deeply feel you on the Anderson Cooper tip, lol. I'd have to agree that he is eye candy although I'd prefer to look at Angela Bassette. Nothing wrong with either since both are gorgeous creatures.

    Nice blog a & thanks for sharing a piece of your world with the blogging community!


  2. Yeah I go into withdrawal weekends...or when he's out on location somewhere and not at his desk...I just weep.

    Thank you for stopping by me blog :D

  3. Lol...no problem. Keep doin' you!



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